Friday, September 23, 2016

Patrick Hughes | Views Of Hughes Opens Saturday from 2-4 PM |

Winsor Gallery is pleased to announce a new addition of multiples by Patrick Hughes. These new works to Winsor include hot off the press "Peggy", "Amsterdam" and "Populart" plus the last remaining edition of "Variety" will be available.   Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday, September 24th, 2:00-4:00pm.

Patrick Hughes
Views of Hughes: Selected Multiples
September 24 - October 19th, 2016
Opening Reception | Saturday September 24th, 2:00-4:00pm
Peggy <p>2016 | Edition 50 | 44 x 111 x 22 cm / 17¾ x 43¾ x 8⅝ in</p>

Amsterdam <p>2015 | Edition 50 | 45 x 53 x 16 cm / 17¾ x 20⅞ x 6¼ in</p>

Populart <p>2015 | Edition 50 | 46 x 102.5 x 17.5 cm / 18⅛ x 40⅜ x 6⅞ in</p>

Variety <p>2013 | Edition 50 | 45 x 100 x 16 cm / 17¾ x 39½ x 6½ in</p>

About Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes’s works are at once visually engaging and surprisingly familiar, playful ruminations on the history of art, perspective and Surrealism. Most of the paintings feature key elements in Hughes’ craft such as rectilinear forms: gallery walls, buildings, books, doorways and works of art that serve as anchors to the reverse perspective effect.  Consistently producing works for over 50 years, Hughes created his first 3D-relief painting in 1964. Since then, he has become known as the creator of “reverspective,” an optical illusion that is his signature.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

VISUAL ART: ‘Still life’ thrives at Surrey Art Gallery this fall

Congrats to Fiona for being apart of the Surrey-5!

SURREY — Five “still life”-inspired exhibits and projects fill Surrey Art Gallery this fall.
A launch party for the exhibits was held Saturday (Sept. 17) at the gallery, at Bear Creek Park. Featured artists include Fiona Ackerman, Kelly Lycan, April Hickox, Jay Bundy Johnson and many others.
Combined, the art shows offer visitors a chance “to see people’s relationships with objects around their home and studio, and glimpse the sometimes odd yet intriguing treasures people collect.”
The “Mimentic Workshop” exhibit showcases studio still-life works by Ackerman and Lycan, while “Small Stages” features works from the gallery’s permanent collection. A juried exhibit is also on view.
Related events include an “inFlux” art party on Friday, Sept. 30 and a “Family Sunday” event on Oct. 16. For more details about the exhibits, visit or call 604-501-5566.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Check out Fiona Ackerman's Exhibition at The Surrey Art Gallery Tommorrow!

Fiona Ackerman's The Past Is Prologue.

Mimetic Workshop: Studio Still Lifes of Fiona Ackerman and Kelly Lycan

(At the Surrey Art Gallery from September 17 to December 4)
The subject of the artist’s studio is a vexed and intriguing one. Romanticized through the 19th and 20th centuries as the site of individual creative production, the studio in recent years has been increasingly replaced by “poststudio” practice, shifting the where, the how, and the who of art-making. In this exhibition, Ackerman creates paintings that juggle illusion and abstraction while depicting the studios of her peers, including Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun and Jessica Eaton. Lycan makes assemblagelike sculptures in response to photos of famous modern artists, such as Constantin Brancusi and Louise Bourgeois, in their studios.
The Draw: Even as the studio is deromanticized in our postmodern age, our curiosity about what occurs there remains lively, if not downright intense.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fiona Ackerman at the Surrey Art Gallery this September!

Fiona Ackerman was recently featured in an article posted by the city of Surrey, sharing details of her new work that will be shown this fall, at the Surrey Art Gallery, and will run from September 17th to December 4th.

See what they had to say below!

"There’s something about an artist’s studio that incites our curiosity—the opportunity to glimpse behind the scenes, to encounter the free play and struggle of the creative act, and to gain insights about the art and the artist. There’s something about an artist’s studio that incites our curiosity—the opportunity to glimpse behind the scenes, to encounter the free play and struggle of the creative act, and to gain insights about the art and the artist.Yet looking around, one might say that we live in a “post-studio” era of artmaking. A growing number of artists choose to work from their portable computer at a cafĂ©, an office space, a kitchen table, or a string of temporary international artist residencies. 

While the where of artmaking is changing, the space and material life of the modern artist’s studio has increasingly become the subject of art in the twenty-first century. Vancouver-based artists Fiona Ackerman and Kelly Lycan both investigate this romanticized/de-romanticized space of the nineteenth and twentieth century. They do so by creating still life-like compositions of the fleeting images, icons, and materials of artmaking within their own studios and in relation to the studio environments of other artists."

Click here, to read the rest of the article online.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Vancouver Mural Festival!

This Saturday, on August 20th, Vancouver will hold the first ever Vancouver Mural Festival! Artists both locally and internationally, have come together to create 41 new murals, decorating the Main street neighborhood in vibrant street art!

Vancouver mural festival
(Image via: The Daily hive)

The Daily Hive had a few words to share about this weekends festivities:
"The festival culminates on August 20 as Main Street shuts down between 7th Avenue and East 12th Avenue for one giant block party.  Here you can attend patio parties, BBQs, dance parties, a skateboard competition (behind Antisocial Skate Shop), East Van Bazaar behind F as in Frank, roller disco, art markets, and concerts sprinkled throughout the day and into the night.
This is not your grandparents’ Vancouver, and that’s a good thing."
Image: The Creative Individual / "Culinary Love Affair" outside the Baker & the Chef
(Image: The Creative Individual/"Culinary Love Affair" outside the Baker and the Chef)

Click here, to see the rest of the article, including the artists who have participated in the festival.

Image: Nevercrew
(Image: Nevercrew)

Click here, to checkout a map of all the murals that will be featured this weekend!

News about Patrick Hughes!

Checkout what Yorkshire Post had to say about Winsor's Patrick Hughes, and his 3-D art!

Patrick Hughes at the exhibition launch.
"British surrealist Patrick Hughes has been confounding the visual expectations of art lovers ever since his breakthrough discovery of a technique known as ‘reverspective’.
Now an exhibition of his work has begun at Leeds College of Art, where he spent five years as a lecturer during the 1960s. Speaking after attending the launch, London-based Hughes said: “I am so very happy and honoured to be invited to exhibit my pictures at Leeds College of Art, more than 50 years after I started out teaching art here.” Talking about his use of reverspective, he said: “My pictures seem to move as you move. They come to life when we bring them to life. This is because they are made in perspective the wrong way round, in reverspective."


 Click here to read the rest of the article!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016